The basics of Black Jack game

The target in the Black Jack card game is to get as close as possible to 21. The best hand would be to get 21 but not beyond that. If you go beyond then you lose straight away. As an example, suppose you have 13 but the dealer busts. In that situation you win. In Black Jack game, ‘Hit’ means that you want another card to be given by the dealer. If you do not want a card and are contended with the cards you have, then that situation is called ‘Stand’. If there is a tie in the game, then it is termed as a ‘Push’ and the participating player will get his money back. None of the participating players loses his money in a tie. But there are some casinos where a tie in the game results in the loss of the player. But it is a very rare rule. It is always advised to the gamblers to check the rules of the game before they start playing it. There are some strategies as well to play the game such as splitting, surrendering, insurance and doubling down etc, but they really are advanced things and beyond the scope of a beginners guide to Black Jack.

The amount of money for playing a session of Black Jack totally depends on your pocket and the minimum bet on the table. A $5 table has a minimum of $125 without taking wins into consideration. If you are playing for fun, then look for a $1 table where $50 can let you play for half an hour or so.